"When you heal trauma, you heal the nervous system. When you heal the nervous system, you heal the emotional body. When you heal the emotional body, you heal th psychic (empathic) body. When you heal the psychic body, you heal vibration. Once the vibration is healed, realities change."




"I guide open hearted women through an intuitive embodiment journey to re-create their sensual identity and embrace a divine feminine lifestyle rooted in emotional safety and womb-love."  ~ Tiffany Ananda


Tiffany Ananda, is a Divine femininity & Liberation Coach guiding women around the globe to celebrate their femininity, liberate their sensuality, and nourish emotional womb wellness through embodiment practices including but not limited  pelvic steaming, conscious conversations, guided womb clearing and womb meditations, intuitive dance, fertility attunements, and a host of other mindful practices.

After a decade of emotional and spiritual healing  and almost a year of spiritual  mentorship from Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant  Tiffany is now a certified coach, as well as 200hr yoga instructor, reiki practitioner, and ecstatic dance practitioner  qualified to teach feminine embodiment which she offers in love and devotion.


Embodiment is the heart of all wellness services offered by Tiffany.  Each offering is intended for you to have a sacred soul remembrance and learn how to wholistically connect with the voice and wisdom of your womb and unapologetically rebirth feminine magnetism, pleasure, playfulness, and presence through  sacred ceremonies, virtual coaching, and e-courses rooted in metaphysics, mindfulness, and ancestral wisdom teachings. To  begin your freedom journey and learn to feel safe in your body, click Book Your Session.


Tiffany's werk (work) is heart centered and often aligns with  women who are ready to heal from womb trauma, women who are spiritual entrepreneurs, and women  that are called and  committed to raising the vibrational of love on the planet through womb wellness & feminine embodiment.




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