"She Remembered who she was and the veil lifted."




"I guide open hearted wombyn through a conscious inner journey to honor their spirit calling  and embody a divine feminine lifestyle rooted in self love and indigenous spirituality."  ~ Tiffany Ananda


Tiffany Ananda, is a priestess of feminine embodiment and indigenous medicine wombyn guiding souls on the sacred journey of spiritual & sensual awakening through vibrational healing including but not limited to inner child healing, shadow work, chakra balancing, and all manner of  wholistic self love  rituals.


In 2009, she traveled to Maui, Hawaii to activate her healing journey. With her spiritual teacher she journeyed into the forest, mountains, and valleys to ground herself in earth based rituals. She sat for her first moon meditation, and practiced energy healing that awakened her intuitive, goddess, medicine wombyn calling.

After a decade of spiritual development,  10+ years as a non-clinical counselor, and 10 months of spiritual  mentorship from Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant  Tiffany is now a certified spiritual life coach, yoga instructor and reiki practitioner  qualified to teach sacred transformation which she offers in love and devotion.


Spiritual Awakening is the heart of all services offered by Tiffany.  Each offering is intended for you to have  a sacred soul journey and learn how to nurture, honor and embody your intuitive and creative power through  soul coaching, goddess circles, divine feminine retreats, and sacred ceremonies. To begin your journey click RECEIVE SUPPORT!!!


Tiffany's werk is heart centered and often aligns with  wombyn who are  energy healers, lightworkers, yogis, doulas,  priestesses, tantrikas and goddesses on the path of spiritual liberation  & feminine embodiment.




To  book a retreat, workshop or coaching call or complete the inquiry form below. 

Tel: 323-920-9041

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